Something new and something old…

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much going on this summer with the shop. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my favorite season.

There are  a couple old items are returning and some new items in the works. Jewelry lovers get excited!  If you want to know more about whats returning and whats new then just keep on reading… 🙂

I am bringing back the popular black rose earrings, which go with pretty much everything. Another old item returning is the light peach rose earrings. They are going to make a great accessory in the future to your spring wardrobe.

The new items coming soon are, white rose earrings and orchid rose earrings. The white rose earrings are perfect for that bride to be, simple yet chic. The orchid rose earrings are a light purple-ish pink color. The orchid color is just really pretty that I couldn’t resist adding them in with the rest of the rose earrings.

As bracelets go I have couple new bracelet designs in the works, an all silver and all gold beaded bracelet. These bracelets will make a great pairing with the rest of your gold and silver jewelry. Great for everyday!

Now back to earring madness again, the anchor button earrings that are available for sale here:, are soon to be sold out, so grab a pair while you still have time. There are only a couple pairs left. These earrings will be returning to the shop in the future. I am however going to be adding new anchor earrings that will be up for sale in the next month or so. The new anchor earrings will be very different than the ones I currently now have for sale. They will be the all gold and all silver. They have a classier look to them and I have a feeling that you will love them just as much as I do. They will be perfect to pair with any of your other gold and silver jewelry.

Ok now I have a question for you guys… What color rose earrings would you like to see in the future that isn’t available for sale?

All of these new items are going to be up for sale in plenty of time for holidays. I can’t believe I’m saying the word holidays. Where did the Summer go?! I know I’ll surely miss it!

Anyways.. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day! 🙂

-Gina. Modo Spira

Beautiful things are coming… (soon!)

Hello! Sorry about the lack of an update last week. Crazy busy! So, this week sometime I will be adding 25 brand new, and might I add colorful bracelets for sale! Majority of the bracelets are similar to what I already have, just in different colors. Out of the 25 new bracelets being added only 3 are in a new design, but they still share the simple look that the others have. I’ll let you know when I have all of them up for sale. The new colors being added this week are perfect for the summer season. So bright and cheerful!

Here’s some photos of what you can expect later on this week!



Let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated. 🙂

-Gina, Modo Spira

Trending: Bracelets [to layer or not to layer]

I have not posted in awhile, and I have not posted any photo’s of what all my new items look like so I figured I would do so.

I see so many women/teens wearing bracelets these days, especially layering them. I love that layered look. That’s what I wanted to create. Something simple and easy to layer. I created these bracelets with many different colors in mind that could go with just about any outfit. These bracelets could be used for an everyday look or be use when dressing up.

I love bracelets that are versatile. Bracelets that you don’t have to change even if you change your outfit, which is what I created. These bracelets are small in size, but do make a statement when they are added to your wrist. They add a pop of color and fun to pretty much any outfit.



So if you’re looking for something cute to layer on your wrist then check these bracelets out!


-Gina, Modo Spira

The wait is over…

So the wait for new items on my shop is over! All of the bracelets that I have created over the past few months are all up for sale! These bracelets are so cute to wear just as is or for layering. I know the trend now is layering bracelets. I have an array of colors to choose from. I’m also thinking of expanding my color pallet. Not sure which colors to choose from to make more bracelets out of. That’s going to be my next project I suppose.

Check out my shop here and see what I have created!

Send me a comment as to what colors I could add to what I already have. All of the color combinations shown are using all of the beads in my supply. I don’t have any colors that aren’t shown.

I would love some feed back. Tell me what you think of these designs.

Oh and since Summer is around the corner, what are some good Summer colors that I can incorporate into my designs?

I just want to say thank you if you have gotten this far in reading this blog post. Your views mean so much to me!  🙂


-Gina, Modo Spira



It’s been awhile…

Hello all! Happy 2012! I am very excited for this new year and for new exciting jewelry in the works. I have made a few more things since my last post and will post pictures of them below. I bought a while ago these adorable gold and silver plated feather charms that I thought would go perfect for so many different types of jewelry. Feathers are so in right now especially when it comes to hair. When I’m out shopping I don’t see that much jewelry where the feathers are actually metal. They are usually an actual feather. I think the feather being metal makes the jewelry look more simple and understated. I’m excited to see what other ideas I can come up with using these feathers. I’ve got some great color beads that I have plans to pair with the charms that I have that will look really pretty.

If anyone right now is reading this and possibly looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for a significant (female) other, then please check out my shop! If your significant (female) other loves earrings then the ones in my shop will certainly not disappoint her. Here’s the link to check it out!

Hope everyone has had a great week! Blog post will soon becoming more regular as more things get made.

If any of you have actually taken the time to read all of this than I have to say thank you. Thanks for reading about a small little shop owner such as myself. 🙂


PS.. Here are the pictures of the new items in the works.. 🙂

First Day…

So today was the first day since getting 95% of my materials, that I could actually make something with them. I was hesitant at first, but then I realized that it’s my first time ever really making any jewelry besides earrings. So I just dove right in. I have an array of colorful beads to choose from to make simple jewelry (ie. bracelets and necklaces) that have that pop that I’m looking for.
I know that it’s going to take me a few tries to get the hang of it when it comes to the wire. I decided to start off making a bracelet with the silver wire because I do not have all of my gold materials yet. I picked the pearl round beads in a size 8 and the 4mm aqua green czech glass beads. You will notice that in the picture I posted below doesn’t look like its aqua green, but it is. That’s just what you get for taking a picture in artificial light. I will post a better looking photo in the next post for you all to see exactly what the colors look like.
I am very happy with the end result. Being the fact that it was my first time making a bracelet. It came out exactly as I pictured it in my head. Very simple bracelet that can also look great layered.

Here’s some photo’s of the materials I am working with to make these simple yet gorgeous beaded jewelry items and the photo of the very first sample bracelet I have made.

colorful bead tray

All of the jewelry items that I will be making are all going to be made to order so that if needed be it can be customized to just the size you need it to be.  My goal is to have enough items by Thanksgiving time, so check back on my shop ( for a look on the items available for purchase. By the way, the jewelry items that are coming soon would make great Christmas gifts for that special woman in your life. (hint, hint)

Hope whoever is reading this has a phenomenal day! 🙂

Pin-Up Art

So I figured I would start my 2nd post with the thing that got me started with creating my own online shop. The only thing that came to mind that I am quite good at is art. I graduated college with a fine arts degree so being all artsy and creative is something that is sort of easy for me.  I came up with an idea of doing a set of prints. Not knowing what my idea was going to be at the time, I decided to play around with different things. The one thing popped into my head that really stuck was pin-up girls.  I thought that they would be a fun thing to create a series of prints with. Each print took many days to complete. I did a total of 5 prints in the series. Each pin-up girl is very different from the next. Here’s the pin-up girl series.

I had these prints up for sale on my shop, but sadly not a single one was sold. Maybe someday in the future I will put these back up for sale. I have had many compliments on them and I’m sure you will think these are really cool prints too.