Hello world!

This is my first ever official blog! Wow! I’m so excited! Don’t be too alarmed if I use too many exclamation points during my blogging sessions. I’m excited to get out in the world and see who would want to even read my thoughts. If any of you reading are curious as to what “Modo Spira” means, well… It means “just breathe” in Latin. Those 2 words just breathe hold a special place in my mind. Maybe one day I will share it with you why those words mean so much.

I created this blog for my business, but I want it to be much more than showcasing my small business. Since I did just say that I have a small business and by small I mean very small. It’s okay though. You have to start somewhere and this is my somewhere. The world-wide web. Yes, my small business is online. I create/design jewelry. I also collect vintage items (ie. buttons), but they will be soon exiting my shop and be replaced by other kinds of jewelry.  If you have gotten this far in reading and I have not bored you, then feel free to check out my shop. etsy.com/shop/modospira

I have a very limited amount up on my shop. As the months go by many more items will be popping up on my shop. Necklaces and bracelets will join the earrings I currently have up for sale by the end of November. Just in time for Christmas right? Well right now and until the end of the year I am offering FREE SHIPPING on everything I am selling in my shop.

More exciting things to come!

Well I guess this shall be enough for my very first post.  Ciao! 🙂


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