The wait is over…

So the wait for new items on my shop is over! All of the bracelets that I have created over the past few months are all up for sale! These bracelets are so cute to wear just as is or for layering. I know the trend now is layering bracelets. I have an array of colors to choose from. I’m also thinking of expanding my color pallet. Not sure which colors to choose from to make more bracelets out of. That’s going to be my next project I suppose.

Check out my shop here and see what I have created!

Send me a comment as to what colors I could add to what I already have. All of the color combinations shown are using all of the beads in my supply. I don’t have any colors that aren’t shown.

I would love some feed back. Tell me what you think of these designs.

Oh and since Summer is around the corner, what are some good Summer colors that I can incorporate into my designs?

I just want to say thank you if you have gotten this far in reading this blog post. Your views mean so much to me!  🙂


-Gina, Modo Spira