Hi, and thanks for checking out this blog.

My name is Gina, and I’m a twenty-something girl from New Jersey.  I’ve always been a creative type and especially a lover of fashion.  After graduating high school I went to school for fashion, but I never made it very far.  After a year I decided that I needed to go in a different direction.  I went to a local University and studied art and I immediately loved it.  After graduating college, I realized that it was very hard to get art field that didn’t involve teaching.  I knew I wanted to something with my life that was very creative and allowed me the freedom to do as I pleased.  That was how Modo Spira was born.  I knew I wanted to take the 2 things in my life that interested me the most, art and fashion.  The name Modo Spira came to me when thinking of a name to call my business.  I knew I wanted a name that would be meaningful for me.  I came up with ‘Just Breathe’ which is what Modo Spira means in Latin.  That name to me seemed ordinary.  So I looked up those words in various other languages.  The Latin translation stood out to me the most.  It was short and simple and it just seemed to me like a good brand name.

Combining my love of creativity and fashion was when the idea of making jewelry came about.  I love jewelry.  I don’t think I know any girl that doesn’t.  I decided to come up with a signature piece.  Looking around different forms of social media I noticed that women and teenagers were wearing a lot of bracelets.  As for the teenagers, I observed that they were wearing multiple bracelets on each arm.  That got me thinking…  Bracelets that were simple, yet elegant but also offered a pop of color and fun aspect to them.  Something that you could wear everyday, but also for dressing up as well.  I love jewelry that’s versatile and knowing that you don’t have to change it even if your outfit does.

So I will be updating this blog with new things I am working on and also sales and promotions going on in my shop.


Thanks for visiting! 🙂



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