Pin-Up Art

So I figured I would start my 2nd post with the thing that got me started with creating my own online shop. The only thing that came to mind that I am quite good at is art. I graduated college with a fine arts degree so being all artsy and creative is something that is sort of easy for me.  I came up with an idea of doing a set of prints. Not knowing what my idea was going to be at the time, I decided to play around with different things. The one thing popped into my head that really stuck was pin-up girls.  I thought that they would be a fun thing to create a series of prints with. Each print took many days to complete. I did a total of 5 prints in the series. Each pin-up girl is very different from the next. Here’s the pin-up girl series.

I had these prints up for sale on my shop, but sadly not a single one was sold. Maybe someday in the future I will put these back up for sale. I have had many compliments on them and I’m sure you will think these are really cool prints too.