It’s been awhile…

Hello all! Happy 2012! I am very excited for this new year and for new exciting jewelry in the works. I have made a few more things since my last post and will post pictures of them below. I bought a while ago these adorable gold and silver plated feather charms that I thought would go perfect for so many different types of jewelry. Feathers are so in right now especially when it comes to hair. When I’m out shopping I don’t see that much jewelry where the feathers are actually metal. They are usually an actual feather. I think the feather being metal makes the jewelry look more simple and understated. I’m excited to see what other ideas I can come up with using these feathers. I’ve got some great color beads that I have plans to pair with the charms that I have that will look really pretty.

If anyone right now is reading this and possibly looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for a significant (female) other, then please check out my shop! If your significant (female) other loves earrings then the ones in my shop will certainly not disappoint her. Here’s the link to check it out!

Hope everyone has had a great week! Blog post will soon becoming more regular as more things get made.

If any of you have actually taken the time to read all of this than I have to say thank you. Thanks for reading about a small little shop owner such as myself. 🙂


PS.. Here are the pictures of the new items in the works.. 🙂